Motovan New Distributor For AD Boivin's Explorer Conversion Kit

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AD Boivin, the world leader in snowbike manufacturing, has announced a coast-to coast

partnership with Canada's leading powersports distributor, Motovan, for the distribution of its patented dirt bike conversion kit, the Explorer.


"The Explorer is the result of 10 years of our snowbike expertise," AD Boivin president Denis Boivin said. "It's time for the powersports community to really discover the snowbike sport. All owners of motocross, enduro and supermoto bikes have now the opportunity to discover this unique dimension to ride a motorcycle on snow."


"Motovan is thrilled to distribute a product like the Explorer," Mario Péloquin, purchasing manager for Motovan, said. "This product allows us to venture off the beaten trails as it does for riders. Motovan is confident this product will get a lot of attention with its dealers. This innovative product fulfills the gap in the riding season for dirt bike riders. Finally, everyone has the chance to ride 12 months a year without major transformations to their vehicle."


This partnership is the first collaboration between these two companies and both are very confident that the quality of AD Boivin's products combined with the marketing force of

Motovan is a guarantee of success. The development of a new sport, like snowbiking, requires strong partnerships between established companies. That's what dealers will get with this association.


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