3rd Annual Sledfest Bigger Than Ever And It's This Weekend

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The 3rd annual Schweitzer Sledfest will be held at Schweitzer Mountain in Sandpoint, ID, this weekend April 16-17.  The last two years were a huge success and here's what you can expect this year.


The excitement of plenty of crashes, position shifting and close finishes will keep the crowd entertained throughout both days. With a bird's eye view, the crowd never misses any of the action and there will be plenty of that.


This year there will snocross, hillcross, snowbikes and the new hill drags. There were almost 100 races over the two-day event last year and that is being expanded to almost 150 this year. The snocross, hillcross and hill drags are all done on snowmobiles, which keeps the crowd entertained with these unusual events. The hill drags will be run right up the main face of Schweitzer Mountain, in full view of the crowd for all the spectacular action.


The snowbikes keep everyone in awe of this new technology, which is a dirt motorcycle with both wheels removed and a ski attached up front, with a special patented snowmobile track in back.


The hillcross bumps at the bottom of the course caused the most carnage in past years. The track has been changed to make it more safe and less expensive for these riders who spend all their own funds to bring the crowd awe-inspiring moments. But there is plenty of fun and action for the crowd because this is still a very challenging course, even for the Pros.


Besides all the racing happening this weekend there is also some other events you won't want to miss. Derek Driggs, a professional snobike rider, will be putting on an exhibition on Saturday right after the races complete, There will also be an autograph session with local Pro riders from all classes, including snowmobile and snowbike.  Schweitzer Mountain is going to have Taps open for a great party experience and dinner. 


The Idaho National Guard, which is sponsoring Sledfest, will be opening the racing weekend with the landing of a helicopter right on the mountain (weather and availability pending) and a guard presentation for the national anthem. No one will want to miss this part of the weekend because our country needs to celebrate our soldiers and veterans that keep this country safe.


Hooters, located in the Spokane Valley, is also a sponsor of Sledfest this year. Hooters will be hosting a swimsuit contest on April 7 at 7 p.m.. to see which employees get to be up at the races all weekend. The public is welcome to attend this event.


Trophies will be provided for all classes, ranging from snowbikes to Juniors to Semi-Pro to Pro to hill drags. Many first time riders, in both the snocross and hillcross will walk up to the podium by placing first, second or third. 


Thanks to Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Sandpoint Winter Riders Snowmobile Club and Mountain West Racing for putting on the event. Thanks also to Idaho National Guard and Hooters for being Gold Sponsors. Special thanks to the ladies in the Mountain West Racing trailer for keeping the races organized, fair and fun. Special thanks to Jeff York for organizing this event and special thanks to all the volunteers who made this event run smoothly and successfully.

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