Introducing Rebel Snowbike Gear from Motorfist

The Rebel Snowbike Bib

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Introducing Rebel Snowbike Gear from Motorfist: The Rebel Snowbike Bib is a technical shell specifically designed and constructed to meet the durability needs of the Snowbike Industry.  The Rebel Bib features eVent™ windproof, waterproof, breathable fabric for 100% all day comfort and protection from the elements.  In order to meet the snowbiker’s specific needs for durability, Motorfist added a 900D 3-Layer polyester seat & crotch gusset, TenCate Advance™ Burn-Proof fabric along with Nomex® fire-resistant thread.  Motorfist’s bib design coupled with the technology needed to keep the snowbiker comfortable and dry is what makes the Rebel Bib the best snowbike bib on the market today.

Burn-Proof TenCate Advance™ Fabric: TenCate Advance™ means protection and durability you can trust.  TenCate Advance™ is the best-selling protective outer shell fabric in America.  The same fabric has been protecting firefighters for more than two decades.  This dependable double fiber blend of DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® offers proven performance.  The use of this American made fabric on the lower leg panels offers protection from both high heat and the severe abrasion encountered by all snowbike riders.

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