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With the Holeshot SnoRipper, there’s no dreaded “last ride” of the season. Just pop off your wheels, bolt on the SnoRipper RPZ110 and shred snow all winter long.

This is the first snowbike system designed specifically for the wildly popular 110cc dirt bike category. The kit was professionally designed with Solidworks CAD and has been extensively tested in extreme conditions. There are limitless possibilities to where you can ride. It’s your gateway to winter fun. The system fits the Kawasaki KLX110/110L. Kits for Yamaha and Honda are coming soon. The kit features OEM quality manufacturing with industry leading parts and it is a quick and easy changeover from wheels to track. It can be done in an hour or less. The kit’s low friction undercarriage design allows the track to perform in any condition and no snow is required. The SnoRipper is designed to be enjoyed by riders of all ages and has an MSRP of $2,450.

Contact Holeshot www.holeshotinc.com.

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