Timbersled Mountain Horse Receives Updates For 2013 Season

Published in the February 2013 Issue
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With hundreds of kits sold worldwide, Timbersled Products is entering its third production year for the Mountain Horse Snow Bike conversion kit.

Timbersled has gained a lot of experience with the product in all types of terrain, conditions and riding styles. The product continues to evolve with some new and exciting changes for the 2012/13 season.

The Mountain Horse is the first-ever snow bike conversion kit designed specifically for the mountains. As such, it performs incredibly well in all kinds of mountain terrain and snow conditions. It has consistently outperformed every rider’s expectations and gained a well-deserved reputation as the leading snow bike conversion kit available.

Timbersled has three models to choose from for the upcoming season. In addition to the ST (Short Track), LT (Long Track) and SX (Snow Cross) kits will be available. The ST and LT models are built specifically for mountain riding and are identical in design except for the track length.

The ST includes a 120x12.5x2-inch track while the LT comes with a 137x12.5x2-inch track. The SX model is designed for better handling on hard pack terrain and built to handle the abuse of snocross racing. It has a narrower 121x10.5-inch contoured track (rounded like a tire) with double the amount of rear suspension travel created by Timbersled’s dual suspended system.

These three models cover the entire spectrum of rider’s needs and desires.

The continuing evolution of the Mountain Horse includes the following updates for the 2012/13 season:

The 10-inch wide T/S BackCountry Ski: This ski has been specifically designed for the snow bike by Timbersled. It is a tri-keel design that improves control in all types of terrain including hard packed trails. This ski will come standard on all kits.

Quarter-inch Deeper Lug Track: It is a newly-designed Camoplast Challenger that is single-ply with a 2-inch lug and a wider 2.86-inch pitch that includes fewer paddles, making it lighter while offering more deep snow traction. The track also offers better hard pack handling due to its flexible outer edge created by the 8.5-inch fiberglass stiffening rods in the 12.5-inch wide track.

Suspension Slide Rails: This year’s design utilizes a single I-beam with a simpler and nicer look. They are also 3 lbs. lighter than the previous rails.

Recalibrated Suspension: The Mtn. Tamer back suspension system has been re-tuned for better ski lift and a lighter feeling on the ski. It has more independent articulation in the rails that helps the bike maneuver. The suspension also sits one-half-inch lower, resulting in the bike sitting 1-inch lower in the seat.

Greaseable Bearings: The new bearing housing and bearings allow you to grease the bearing with a grease gun as well as flush the bearing out with fresh grease. Each bearing has a hole on each end making it possible to pump grease in one end and out the other through the grease release hole located in the aluminum bearing housing.

The entire product is assembled at Timbersled’s north Idaho facility using U.S. made parts and materials. Timbersled offers a solid warranty and exceptional customer service.

For more information, visit www.timbersled.com.

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