Alta Motors Suspends Operations

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We learned tody from and that Alta Motors, makers of the viral Redshift MX electric motocross bike, have ceased operations.

The company had been persuing a partnership deal with Harley Davidson, but that deal fell apart in August.

Alta has been looking for investors to contiue funding its development and dirt bike lineup. It has halted operations as it has reportely ran out of cash. It is seeking aquisition offers.

According to the story:

"This plan could very well payoff, as Alta Motors was in the midst of a stellar year, showing 50% growth quarter-to-quarter in 2018, with roughly 1,000 units sold to customers this year so far, and a backlog of 300 units or so still to work through.

"With a dealership network of roughly 70 dealers, Alta has made good progress on flushing out its electric dirt bike business, and seemed to be progressing forward, despite the obstacles put in front of it by the establish petrol patriarchy."

Last fall, there were rumors that Alta was looking at the snowbike market and was considering sending a Redshift MX bike paired with a Timbersled ARO system to select snowmobile shows in the West.

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