Confirmed: WPS Has a New Snowbike System Coming in 2019

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We broke the news at Hay Days two weeks ago: Western Power Sports, a powersports mega-distributor located in Boise, Idaho, has as proprietary new snowbike conversion system waiting in the wings.

We've now confirmed the WPS snowbike system will be available this winter with a limited production run.

We've also uncovered some details about the new WPS snowbike ssytem. The kit uses just one shock on the track, and the shock mounts above the track tunnel. And that shock is the OEM rear shock from the dirt bike. 

The WPS snowbike will feature a rising-rate rear suspension travel, designed to move and feel just like a dirt bike with a swingarm. The intent is to allow the bike to ride in it's proper chassis orientation, and give the bike maximum weight transfer to behave just like a dirt bike according to our source, Tim Piver, WPS Snow Sales Manager.

We've heard from riders who have tested the prototype kit that report the WPS snowbike lets you bring the ski up with a little throttle and clutching just as you would on a dirt bike with wheels. 

The patent-pending suspension is desinged to feel and behave like a bike on snow, giving the bike a more balanced feel without so much force from the track kit pushing down on the front of the bike. 

The WPS snowbike is reported to have a 120-inch track, but test rider reports claim that it floats and performs in deep snow as well or better than longer systems because of the weight transfer aspects and floatation from the long-travel design. 

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