5 Things that Shine on the CMXBK

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1. Fit and finish. We loved how it looked, how the chassis rails were machined aluminum. It’s probably one of the best-manufactured kits out there. And the CMXBK had extremely good durability because of the way it’s made. We were really impressed.

2. Because of the belt drive system, the CMXBK kit has a very low rolling resistance and would roll across the ground. You could grab the rear bumper and push the bike across the shop and the track would roll. This is better than the other kits we tested.

3. We liked how you can run a different countershaft sprocket on it without having to change side drive gearing for chain tension. You just flip some keys. You would pull those out, flip them over and you could shorten it up and run different gearing on the countershaft with the same chain. That was cool. Not the easiest thing to do, but it was definitely cool to be able to do that.

4. Weight-wise, the CMXBK 129 was one of the lighter kits out there. The track kit itself, just the track kit weighs a 115 pounds. Our 2017 Timbersled ST 120LE weighed 118.6 pounds. So it was lighter than the Timbersled and had a longer track.

5. The CMXBK suspension was pretty solid on packed trails––the Achilles heel of snowbikes. Compared to other kits in our test group, the CMXBK absorbed the bumps well. The front end and ski works quite well on packed trails as well. You get some kind of a firm snow set up, and the CMXBK is right at home.

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